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BIO – ENERGETIC / Plasma Technology.

There is an invisible energy in our world, inside every atom and material structure. Specialist knowledge is used to interpret that energy and use it productively. All products are changed to a programmed molecular level. An 'information' transfusion takes place giving changes that are measurable and quantifiable. Implementing 'information' in material is BIO – ENERGETIC / Plasma Technology.

The space between molecular structures contains hidden energy. Every material has it's own unique information structure. It has taken over 20 years of research into space-energy manipulation, to enable an ability to program molecular structures to give a known performance value to a desired application.

You may ask, what is a molecular structure?

A molecular structure is made up of atoms, every atom is defined by the number of electrons, protons and neutrons in it. These three elements are arranged together to form a specific atom, just like the components of DNA are formed to make a specific DNA code. The atom is encoded with information about how the electrons, protons and neutrons are to arrange themselves in a material formation. BIO – ENERGETIC / Plasma Technology is able to use this information within structures to change material characteristics thus bringing out the desired effect.

Forming the above information structure within a material allows the creation of a bio-energetic field that will influence the structure of the oil, gas, wood etc allowing a cleaner more efficient burning process.